flashbakectl released

flashbakectl is a handy little script that starts and stops Flashbake by loading and unloading plist files.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Adding to my apparent series of Flashbake addons, I’ve just released flashbakectl.

Normally to run Flashbake consistently you need to set up a cron job. While OS X is built on Unix and has cron, Apple recommends using launchd and property list (plist) files to run system agents and daemons. flashbakectl is a handy little script that loads and unloads a plist for you.

Before working on your project, run flashbakectl -l to load the plist and start the daemon, which will commit your unsaved changes every 15 minutes (or whatever you set it to). When you’re done for the day, run flashbakectl -u to stop the daemon, saving your computer from unnecessarily running Flashbake ad infinitum.

flashbakectl only works on Mac OS X. You can get it at GitHub. Enjoy!