iTunes plugin for Flashbake

Flashbake-iTunes is a plugin for Flashbake that allows you to include information for the current track in the periodic git commit message.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Flashbake is a fantastic script for nerdy writers (like me) that periodically commits changes to a Git repository and can optionally append various metadata to the commit message, allowing you to annotate the entire creative process.

Flashbake includes several plugins for adding recent tweets, weather, the current time zone, and other random information. There’s even a plugin for the Banshee music player for Linux. There’s nothing for iTunes, however, which is unfortunate since I’m always listening to something when I write or code.

So I hacked together a little plugin for Flashbake that uses AppleScript to get the current track information from iTunes and add it to the commit message. It’s admittedly a “frankenscript” and only works on Mac OS X (since it relies on AppleScript), but it works great.

You can get it at GitHub. Enjoy!