New site launched

I finally converted my ancient, inefficient PHP-ish website to a mean, lean, WordPresss running CMS.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Two years ago I decided that it would be a good idea to start a personal website. I was always disappointed in the Google results for my name, so I figured having my own web space and domain would help boost my ratings. Yes. I initially started this site for the sole purpose of egogoogling. So much has changed since then…

My first website was ugly. I had just started my foray into web design and barely knew anything—my CSS was rudimentary at best and I used scattered PHP includes to make a pseudo dynamic site. It was a mess.

Screenshot of old site

Ugh. It was pretty embarrassing. I should have just killed it, but I couldn’t because of one tutorial I posted. That one post drives more than 80% of the traffic to this site, and I get almost daily e-mails with questions about it. My old site couldn’t handle the community that built up around it.

Now that I know a thing or two more about design, I’m finally revealing the newest incarnation of—a fully fledged, Wordpress-based site, with a blog, portfolio, and my general online identity hub.

The design isn’t finished yet; there are a few last tweaks that need to get done. Let me know about any issues, problems, or suggestions in the comments.

Oh, I’m still the top result for Andrew Heiss. Not that it’s hard…