Other Projects

MPA Dashboard

  • Drupal-based digital signage
  • No manual updating required

This dashboard runs on a Mac Mini connected to a large plasma screen in the BYU MPA lounge. It pulls in information from different iCal calendars and RSS feeds and displays at-a-glance information about upcoming internships and jobs, Marriott School events, activities, conferences, student and faculty birthdays, and class deadlines.

Because the dashboard pulls information from other websites and services, it requires almost no maintenance. It’s magic. :)

I based the design loosely on Panic’s incredible status board. It runs on Drupal 6 with a bunch of modules that make the magic work. I use Feeds to aggregate and parse the RSS and iCal feeds, Views to filter and display the content in individual blocks, and Views Slideshow to loop through all the different blocks and regions.