#alexandria, egypt, train wreck

  1. Alexandria Train Crash

#arabic, automation, ijmes, texter, transliteration, typinator

  1. Typing transliterated Arabic quickly

#arabic, graphic design

  1. True side-by-side page numbers in InDesign

  2. World-Ready Composer not Perfect

  3. Using Arabic in InDesign CS5 without InDesign ME

  4. Using Arabic in InDesign without InDesign ME

#ata, gizmo, google voice, phone, voip

  1. Using Google Voice and Gizmo Project Together

#auc, faculty seminar, libya, middle east studies

  1. Libya, obsolete paradigms, and Rip Van Winkle

#blogger xml, indesign, indesign tagged text, perl

  1. Import a Blogger Blog to InDesign with Perl

#bloggers, history, italians, mutamasirun, thesis

  1. On narrowing and redefining research

#cairo, chaos, egypt, life abroad, taxis

  1. A Tale of Three Taxis

#cool, ego-googling, ego-surfing, online identity

  1. Google Profile Business Cards

#dropbox, quicksilver, cloudapp, automator

  1. Fake CloudApp with Dropbox and Quicksilver

#economic crisis, links, npr, podcasts

  1. Do not succumb to economic stupidity

#egypt, jordan, politics, civic engagement, queen rania

  1. Queen Rania at AUC

#flashbake, git, writing

  1. flashbakectl released

  2. iTunes plugin for Flashbake

#html, pdftk, pdftk-php, php, sh, sql, text

  1. Installing pdftk-php

#ipod, ios

  1. iOS 4, Multitasking, and Battery Life

#jan25, egypt

  1. Mona Prince on #jan25 Egyptian Protests

#jan25, egypt, nancy

  1. In Tahrir Square

#lorem ipusm, text, perl, sh

  1. Gutenberg ipsum

#mysql, pdftk, php, sh, sql, text

  1. Populating a LiveCycle PDF with PHP and MySQL

#osx, automation, AppleScript

  1. Toggle the Bluetooth menu item with AppleScript

#osx, sqlite, databases

  1. Use LibreOffice Base as a GUI for an SQLite database in OS X

#pdf, pdftk, pdftk-php, php, release

  1. pdftk-php Officially Released

#r, dataviz, hrbrmstr-challenge

  1. Drone sightings in the US, visualized

#r, docker

  1. Super basic practical guide to Docker and RStudio

#r, docker, tidyverse, future, digitalocean, docker

  1. Create a cheap, disposable supercomputer with R, DigitalOcean, and future

#r, ggplot, dataviz

  1. Quickly play with Polity IV and OECD data (and see the danger of US democracy)

  2. Exploring Minard's 1812 plot with ggplot2

#r, ggplot, dataviz, cairo, fonts

  1. Working with R, Cairo graphics, custom fonts, and ggplot

#r, ggplot, dataviz, economics

  1. Fun with empirical and function-based derivatives in R

  2. Create supply and demand economics curves with ggplot2

#r, ggplot, graphics

  1. Save base graphics as pseudo-objects in R

#r, imputation, tidyverse

  1. Meld regression output from multiple imputations with tidyverse

#r, imputation, tidyverse, markdown

  1. Show multiply imputed results in a side-by-side regression table with broom and huxtable

#r, regression

  1. Convert logistic regression standard errors to odds ratios with R

#r, tidyverse, infer, hypothesis testing

  1. How to test any hypothesis with the infer package

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  1. Fauxcasts: Use a podcast app to listen to audiobooks

#statistics, r

  1. Install R, RStudio, and R Commander in Windows and OS X